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If you are looking to sell your business and/or bring along new partners and investors, then you require an accurate verification of value, one of the many necessary steps when it comes to buying, selling or merging businesses. In order to achieve that, you need a valuation and transition partner thatís equipped to look into into every aspect of your operation and help you position the business to optimize your return.

As required, our team of professionals is also profoundly experienced in restructuring the business to create greater market value, assess the true values of assets such as inventory and production equipment. We also take a whole-business view in identifying a companyís hidden problems as well as the opportunities in either the products, business or operations areas. Studying the management team is important also in assessing their ability to contribute or fit within the new organization; compatibility and capability are key elements for a smart transition.

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We can help in a number of ways

  • Increase all cash generating capabilities by restructuring the Supply Chain Management, implementing Lean Manufacturing initiatives in order to ensure steady sales and profits at all times.

  • Focus on product, production process and quality-control system that reinforce performance as well as positions the business for lucrative potential growth.

  • Evaluate the precision of existing product costs, inventory and overhead allocation, and the corresponding impact on financial reporting accuracy.

  • Evaluate the existing management systems, policies and procedures, and implement more effective business processes and controls.

  • Provide thorough analysis and evaluation of human resource capabilities, specifically related to their leadership abilities.