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Is your business struggling to avoid liquidation? Are you trying to save your business during this process? During these tough times, many businesses need a restructuring associate to help them make the right decisions in restructuring the business operations.

Your business needs a partner that has the both the financial and operational restructuring of a business and stand ready to help you to restructure operations, generate a new structure to position the operation to get back on the path to long-term sustainability and profitability.

Contact our consulting team today to guide you throughout this complex process:

  • Generate a vision for the future business that is self-sustaining and self-financing.

  • Where appropriate, our team will develop and implement appropriate fixes to improve business operations.

  • Execute cash generation and cost savings recommendations.

  • Support upper management in making the tough but necessary staff choices to help the business continue to exist.

  • Work with suppliers to negotiate settlements to minimize the future impact on key supplier relationships.

  • Guide the implementation of programs that will produce a more effective business operation that eventually will be able to operate in a profitable and sustainable manner.