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A team of multi-talented professionals founded United Advisors expanding their previous successful and proven track records in finance, management and trade consulting. United Advisors is operating in Kuwait, Jordan, and other Gulf States.


Provide sustainable solutions to optimize our clients’ profitability by mitigating corporate risks by improving process & management efficiencies supported by sound strategic planning.


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ profitability and performance by assessing their financial planning, operational processes and management structure to develop strategic objectives and goals to streamline and improve their operational outputs.


Emphasizing the importance of business advisory services and define the aspects of partnership. Establishing strategic alliances with other management consulting firms based on exchanging the professional experience and offering the opportunity to cooperate in joint ventures.

Introducing the new concept of liaison-ship to firms seeking ongoing advisory support for all aspects related to consulting. Complying with the international consulting standards and principles as our code of conduct.


Ongoing clients' relationship, Confidentiality, commitment & quality, Different consultancy perspective, Accountability & independence, Honesty and respectful feedback.